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Project Overview

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Span the Scopes

Social platform for media enthusiast to discover, share, and track content

We conducted a SWOT analysis to compare Netflix's Nonmember Home Page to other popular streaming platform’s.

Project Overview


UX Designer 

January - February 2022 (6 weeks)

Figma, Miro


The Problem

As Entertainment transitions to predominately digital platforms, there is a diverse selection spread throughout the internet. Our team wants to tackle the discoverability problem for potential users to have a primary tool for planning their entertainment content. 

The Solution

  • Creating an all-in-one library hub for content

  • Promoting community through social features

  • Making discovering content more intuitive

User Interviews

The ideal participant consist of people who regularly consumes digital entertainment. These participants will help us understand consumer preferences, consumer behavior, and system preferences.
User interviews will be conducted to collect qualitative data from participants. Three volunteers were
 selected to share their insights over video call. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 5.50.09 PM.png


Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 7.09.05 PM.png

User Persona

With the data collected from the interview, we created the actual persona for the target users. Meet Taylor - the creative social.

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 5.19.14 PM.png


The Problem

Although there are a wide range of selection, users experience a paradox of choice - making it difficult to narrow down and find a match. They want to discover content that aligns with their niche interest and taste.


As a result, users become discouraged by the amount of time it takes to satisfy their needs.


User Needs & Pain Points

From the user interviews, data was collected to understand what users' desires and frustrations when figuring out media to consume. Aspects of user needs and pain points are interconnected. For example, there were crossovers between content library and discoverability in regards to preferences, browsing, and decision making.

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 6.03.33 PM.png


How Might We...

combine content across platforms to make discoverability accessible all in one space?
improve recommendations so that our users can quickly receive media that matches their taste?
search functions so that our users can successfully find what they are interested in?
social features so that our users are encouraged to interact with their friends?


User Likes, Wishes, and What Ifs

By seeing what users value and desire, I could better understand what developments for the app. Dot voting helped to determine what aspects to prioritize. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 6.04.12 PM.png

User Flow

A user flow was created to visualize how the user navigates through the app and what leads them to each stage/feature.

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 5.33.28 PM.png


Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 6.15.03 PM.png

The Solution

Based on user needs, multiple features were created to solve the problem for discoverability and community. 


Span the Scopes will help users plan their entertainment by:

  • Combining content across different platforms to have it easily accessible all in one space

  • Making discovering new content interactive by tailoring to the user’s preferences

  •  Building community  through social features

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 7.14.33 PM.png



Before creating the prototype, I sketched mockups of what the app would entail such as various screens, details, and ideas.

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 5.06.56 PM.png

According to design psychology, users have a familiarity bias towards things they are familiar with. Therefore, I referenced popular apps to take inspiration from their features. I wanted to incorporate these designs to reduce users' cognitive load when using the app.

Product Design Portfolio-07.png


40+ screens were wireframes. It was important to develop the framework in this phase before building it out. Variations of the screens were created to visualize what could work best.

Product Design Portfolio-05.png

Usability Testing

Usability tests were be conducted over moderated video calls on low-fidelity Figma wireframes

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 11.46.22 PM.png


With the feedback during usability testing, the data was organized to see what needed to be improved to encourage users to stay on the app.

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 10.59.28 PM.png


Based on usability testing feedback, users had issues with onboarding and the discover feature. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 3.24.05 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 7.34.17 PM.png

Final Prototype


Next Steps

As a first project, it was exciting learning more in-depth about the process. For each aspect of a product, there are numerous details that go into a feature. It was fun brainstorming the possibilities, and seeing it slowly come to life. 

Since the project was ambitious, in the future it would be beneficial to focus on one aspect in order capture all the details to build a strong product. I would love to work directly with engineers to see the limitations and potential when creating a digital product.

  • Web Version

  • Dark Mode

  • Data Visualization

  • Gamification


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